DAISU SILK issue 02 types of membership card:
Normal Membership Card:              Daisu Member – collect point due to exchange
 VIP Membership Card:                     Daisu Legend – discount 10% all purchase order

How to join Daisu Silk Loyalty Program:

Daisu Member Card will be issued to customers who purchase any orders both directly and online, the points will be accumulated based on the bill of customers or customers wishing to become loyal customers of Daisu Silk .

Daisu Legend Card will be issued when customers with Daisu Member Card accumulate 200 points equivalent to the purchase of an amount of VND 20,000,000 (VND 100,000 ~ 1 point) within 1 year.

Card renewal conditions:
– The card will be automatically renewed if customers arise
– If customers do not buy in 1 year, the card will expire
– Cards not eligible for renewal will be downgraded to a lower class


General rules

Customers present the card to enjoy the discount
Enter the card code when ordering online
Provide the card code when ordering by phone
In case of lost the card, customers need to prove by providing a phone number
Customers can earn points together with the rules of the Company:

Regulations of accumulating points
Only 1 unique information is saved on the system to make points
Customers are required to present their card or provide card number (phone number) to enjoy the discount
Any case of providing false / different information from the original registered customer information will not be accepted and will be credited as a new customer.

Regulations redeeming reward points
With every spending of VND 100,000, customers will accumulate 01 point of application simultaneously with 2 types of Daisu Member & Daisu Legend cards, the value of exchanging 1 point is equivalent to VND 1,000.
After redemption, customers will be deducted points on the card. Points will expire on December 31 every year. The customer will be given 2 weeks notice of this deadline ie December 15 every year.

Value-added customers who own membership cards

Daisu Silk member card holders will receive additional special privileges:

  • Incentives for birthdays: birthday gifts are in kind or reward points
  • Deals on holidays
  • Offer with exclusive programs for member customers only
  • Redeem reward points into vouchers given to friends, partners and relatives