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1 Size of Men accessories Old School Necktie W10cm X L145cm, popular on 70s-80s, there is not much be used at present
Normal Necktie popular at now: W7.5~8.0cm x L140cm
String Tie popular at now: W5.0~6.5cm x L135~140cm
Bow Tie popular at now: W6.0cm x L12 cm
Men Scarf W42cm x 165 cm
Men Square Scarf 65cm x 65cm
Pocket Square  35cm x 35cm 
2 Size of Women accessories Headband free size
    Scrunchie free size
    Long Scarf W 42cm x 165 cm
    Women Square Scarf 65cm x 65cm, 80cm x 80cm
    Silk Belt free size
3 Size of Travel accessories Eye Mask free size
    Travel Neck Pillow free size
4 Size of Bedding Pillow 45cm x 65cm; 50cm x 70cm
    Blanket 200 cm x 220cm
5 Size of Sleepwear Silk Robe for Men free size
    Men Sleepwear Set S – M – L – XL – XXL
    Silk Robe for Women free size
    Women Sleepwear Set XS – S – M – L – XL
6 Size of Silk Fabrics Queen Satin 90cm gauze
    Luvua Silk 90cm gauze
    Twill Silk 90cm gauze