Silk Scarf S/65-HP-23.052

Thương hiệu: DAISU SILK với Chất Liệu: 100% Tơ tằm

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  • Brand: Daisu Silk
  • Color:Silk Color exclusive by Daisu Silk
  • Characteristic: soft, comfortable, warm in winter, cool in summer, anti hair loss, anti-asphyxiation, antibacterial, deodorant, luxury
  • Specification: fashionable, luxurious, soft, comfortable, warm in winter, cool in summer
  • Dimension: 65cm x 65cm
  • Material: Twill Silk
  • Structure: Warp: natural silk- Weft: natural Silk
  • Technique: Craft weaving- hand printing- hand painting

Đặt hàng

Daisu Silk sets very high standards in selecting quality of silk yarn and strict requirements for in- house craft making processes. Right at the workshop, when the silk fabric is woven, it is sent to a Creative Division to be hand- dyed and hand -painted with exclusive knowhow and techniques. We are not only skillful in silk weaving but also deeply study and understand about color techniques to create trendy and fashionable items.

High quality silk yarn- Good weaving looms-skillful weavers and exclusive techniques to target only one objective: to conquer our customers’ love to craft silk fashion items made in Vietnam.

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